Low Carb Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

It’s not uncommon for colds and viruses to make the rounds in my city during the first week of January. When you think about it, it makes sense. Lots of people crowding into airtight homes, celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve. A few days later, and WHAM! I fell victim to a flu-like virus for a few days and just didn’t feel like eating. While I knew I needed nourishment, I didn’t have the energy to cook and ordering out for pizza on a Keto Diet just wasn’t going to happen. My burning throat wanted something cold anyhow. A Protein Smoothie for supper was on my mind; straightforward, fast, and little clean up involved.

I rummaged around my pantry and freezer for something I could dump in my Blendtec, and I came up with a delicious Low Carb Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie. While this drink is relatively high in net carbs for a traditional Keto Diet, I wasn’t planning on eating anything else, and I made sure that I stayed well within the safety margin of my daily carb intake.

I prefer a grass-fed low-carb whey powder. If you can find one from New Zealand, the quality will blow you away. I find New Zealand whey blends well in any protein smoothie I make.

I honestly do not like the earthiness of powdered greens, but the chocolate and raspberries mask that taste!

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie


250g (about 1 cup) frozen Raspberries
1/4 cup Heavy Cream
325g (about 1.5 cups) Unsweetened and unflavoured Almond Milk
3 tbsp Low Carb Unflavoured Whey Powder ( I prefer grass-fed)
1.5 tbsp cocoa powder – unsweetened
1 square Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate – plain
One serving powdered greens of your choice. If the greens are flavoured, make sure there is no added sugar – berry flavoured would be quite nice!
Stevia to taste


Use a high-speed blender for this recipe. I love my Blendtec and have used it continuously for five years now. As long as I keep the jar out of the dishwasher, it serves me well.

Melt the square of chocolate in a small glass bowl in the microwave at 70% power. Check every 15 seconds; you don’t want to overprocess the chocolate. You just wanted it softened, so it blends better. If you don’t have any 85% dark chocolate around, just throw in another tbsp cocoa powder!

If the raspberries are in a frozen clump, separate them a bit before adding them to the blender. Place everything else in the blender, and blend on high for about 30 seconds. The results should be a thick milkshake consistency.

I wouldn’t recommend adding coconut oil to this recipe as the slight coconut flavour might be a bit off-putting with the raspberries. If you use MCT oil, add a tbsp and adjust the nutritional values below.

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie – Nutritional Value – Full Recipe
Yield 630g or 2.6 cups
620 Calories
14.4g Net Carbs
49.2 Protein
31.7 Fat

Replace heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk if you are vegan or non-dairy and adjust the nutritional values accordingly.

Note on Calorie Count

The calorie count for this protein smoothie might shock you but did you know that a Triple Thick Strawberry Shake from McDonald’s has a fraction of the nutritional value of my recipe? A Triple Thick Shake from McDonald’s comes in at a staggering 720 calories in less than 2 cups (448g) and contains 127g net carbs – mostly sugars. With only 18g protein and 14g fat in a McDonald’s shake, and an extensive list of additives, you can see why my protein smoothie is a much better option.

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