Keto Cozy Turmeric Bullet Proof Coffee Or Tea

Winter arrived precisely at 2:45 PM on December 4, 2016. Never mind what the calendar said! After church, I decided to make a quick trip up to my local City Market to grab a few things for a Keto Friendly Taco Salad. I’ll post a recipe for that later on! I left behind a bright, sunny and relatively warm day as I entered the store. When I exited the store, a mere 10 minutes later, the weather had turned. The sky was grey; the cold wind howled, and the air felt like snow.

I assumed the traditional winter turtle-like position known by all Canadians; Canadians living outside of Vancouver, that is. Shoulders hunched so my coat’s collar could rise, head scrunched down to take advantage of the collar’s warmth. I grabbed my mitts from my purse. No Canadian would go out in December without a pair of gloves stashed in a coat pocket or a purse! I turned the speed up on my power chair and scooted home as fast as I could. All that was on my mind was my version of Spicy Bullet Proof tea, AKA Cozy Turmeric Coffee (or tea).

When using <a href=Turmeric, always add a pinch of black pepper. Pepper releases the full nutritional benefits of this powerful anti-inflammatory spice.” width=”233″ height=”155″ data-pin-nopin=”true” />I had read that it is probably best for ladies to skip the butter in  Bullet Proof Coffee as the fats in coconut oil and the natural hormones in butter send confusing signals to our hormonal balances. As I was retaining water a few days earlier and I was in a brief stall in my Keto Journey, I decided to do some ‘experimenting’ – call me a mad scientist.

A pinch of black pepper releases turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties; I was feeling a little bit achy that morning.

Turmeric has MANY other health benefits, but I don’t like it plain, so I spice it up to take the edge of the raw earthiness.

As soon as I arrived home, I made this recipe using a robust black tea:

Cozy Keto Friendly Turmeric Coffee or Tea Ingredients:

2 cups STRONG coffee or 2 cups strong black tea
2 tbsp unrefined, virgin coconut oil (start off with one tbsp if you aren’t used to coconut oil)
A pinch of black pepper
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp pumpkin spice mix
1/2 tsp ginger powder
Stevia (or your favourite sweetener) to taste

KetoTurmeric Coffee or Tea will warm you on a cold winter day from the inside out and take the stiffness out of your joints ALL the ingredients in an immersion-friendly container such as a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup. Blend until creamy. You could add a bit of heavy cream or full-fat coconut milk if you fancy a bit of froth. Do not attempt to mix this in a coffee mug or a travel mug! Turmeric stains clothing immediately, and it is very hard to remove the stain!

I drink this from a Contigo Travel Mug AKA Adult Sippy Cup. I seriously cannot live without my Contigo mug. As I am disabled, I am pretty klutzy. It was either a travel mug or stock in laundry soap!

Calories 264 Carbs (Net) 2.2 g Protein 1 g Fat 27.3

©2016 Katherine Walden

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