Keto Meatloaf

Keto meatloaf

Easy make-ahead meal, freezable, very tasty. Dairy Free and Gluten Free

Preheat oven to 350F

Line 9 x 13 cake pan with parchment paper. I have recently discovered how much parchment paper helps with avoiding scrubbing baking dishes!

2 hours prep and bake time, 8 meals in the freezer

Hint: Prepare in the order given, it gets messy at the end and you don’t want to cross-contaminate workspaces,

The equivalent of 1/2 cup crushed pork rinds (I did them in my blender)
2 tbsp coconut flour – almond flour will not soak up moisture and is not a good binder.
Set aside

2.5 lbs lean ground beef

1/4 cup dehydrated onion chopped or one small onion diced small
2 stalks celery diced fine
1 carrot diced small
1 large can diced tomatoes (drained)
3 eggs
1 tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp Lea and Perrins
1tbsp coconut animnos or soy sauce
Spices to taste (( used a veg blend like Mrs Dash but it has salt), black pepper

Dump vegetables, eggs, and spices in a blender and give it a quick whirl, just to blend the eggs in.

Place ground beef in a large mixing bowl, break it up a bit and mix in the pork rinds/coconut flour. The best way to do this is with your hands,

Add veggie mixture sauce (about 3/4 of the sauce) Mix lightly with your hands, Don’t overwork the meat.

Dump into a parchment paper lined baking dish, form into a loaf.

Mix 2 -3 tbsp of sugar-free Ketchup into the remaining sauce, and brush onto the meatloaf

Back at 350F for about 45 -50 minutes. Check temperature, it should be about 160F.

Let rest for about 10 minutes before portioning. I ended up scooping up the meatloaf rather than slice it.

I bought freezer-safe reuseable ‘tv dinner’ style storage containers from Amazon and added vegetables to each container along with the meatloaf, sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper on the veggies as well as a small pat of butter.

I used cauliflower rice, green/yellow beans and/or Brussel sprouts as side veggies, adding a pinch of salt and pepper, and a small pat of butter on top of the veggies.

These will freeze well.

October 2019 – What works and doesn’t work for me on Keto

I have been living a Keto lifestyle for 3 years, I am healthy, and this way of eating is sustainable.

It is 3 years today since I changed to a Keto lifestyle, I’ve lost 75lbs – I still have 25 or so to go.  But the benefits go far beyond weight loss.  Inflammatory pain caused by severe arthritis in my knees, caused by falling so often growing up, is just about gone.  Brain fog is gone.  Involuntary napping? A thing of the past.

So here is my October 2019 Update on what works and doesn’t work for me as far as how I approach Keto.

An original article from 2016  found here: 

1. I remind myself to EAT MORE FAT. I avoid trans fats and limit any fat from nitrate infused meat such as smoked sausages and bacon. I eat them in moderation. I still use Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Butter as my main oils. I use dairy fats, such as heavy cream and cream cheese, in moderation. I do not use anything that has ‘low-fat’ on its label when that item naturally would have fat in it.

I do not use Olive Oil for cooking, only for salad dressings. Research the dangers of cooking with high heat Olive Oil.

I now use Avocado Oil more than I use Coconut Oil for frying.  I am a bit tired of coconut oil’s flavour.  I use MCT Oil in my morning coffee. I used to poo-poo MCT oil but it actually works better for me than coconut oil.  Warning – use small amounts of MCT oil until your body adjusts.

2. Three years in, I do have to remind myself about calories.  However, within two weeks of this diet, my body self-regulated and tells me when I have had enough. I must pay attention to that voice!  Eat to satiation, not to the point of feeling stuffed.  Don’t stuff my emotions in a spoonful of something yummy, even if it’s Keto,   I have to pull in the reins, but I by no means am eating anywhere near what I used to eat in a day! I’m feeling quite satisfied at the end of every day. I made a self-imposed rule that my kitchen closes for business, outside of water or clear hot beverages, at 3:00 PM each day, due to my digestive issues. I now realize intermittent fasting DOES work for me if I do it properly.  When I am tempted to break that rule, I make a yummy tea for myself.

I still eat under 20g of net carbs a day; I eat a moderate amount of protein a day as well.  I have to watch my protein intake, as it has become comfort food for me,, when I am stressed. I reach for cheese way too much. Too MUCH protein can cause your body to convert that extra protein to glucose which will stall weight loss as well. I pull out my digital food scale if I am in a weight stall or I notice a bit of pain returning.  Who knew grams were so much easier to calculate than cup measurements?

Net Carbs –  I have to remind myself to NOT be lazy in calculating net carbs on labels. They sneak in there!!  Always look at serving sizes. They are always way less than the average person would consider ‘a serving’.

Subtract any fibre listed from that first number. That is your net carb. You are allowed 20 net carbs per day for this diet to work, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle.  You might get away with up to 50 gms carbs per day if you are highly active.   If you go over that, the high-fat diet will just make you fatter.

I remind myself of what made me fat.  Sugars, both natural and refined, are what made me fat.  When I also cut ALL grains (rice, wheat, oats, barley, quinoa,)  and starchy root vegetables I also saw a dramatic difference in my energy and how I felt in general.

3. I try to eat or drink most of my fat by mid-afternoon.

4. I need to get back on the bandwagon when it comes to drinking more naturally non-caffeinated beverages. Water, herbal teas

5. I make sure to get enough salt! I had to give up my repulsion of salt, My father was a salt addict and died of a massive heart attack due to his carb addiction combined with abnormally high salt intake. 3 years into keto and I still am not a fan of salt (taste-wise) but I do use Himalayan Pink Salt.

7. I LISTEN TO MY BODY even when it is telling me something different than what armchair ‘experts’ on the Keto Diet would try to say to me.

8. I discovered a year ago that I can practice Intermittent Fasting, a common practice for many Keto dieters to help lose weight. I fast about 18 – 20  hours a day. I have a keto coffee at the 20-hour mark, then a larger meal about 3 hours later.  I am NOT hungry at all, it was all mind over matter at first.  If I feel like I am snacky, I drink a mug of spicy tea and that usually does the trick.  If not, I will have a SMALL serving of protein. I am not rigid with my fasting protocol.

9. If I happen to be somewhere that Keto will simply not work, I just eat low-carb as I can and I always get back on track quickly.

Case in point, I was away for two weeks and was run off my feet going to meetings and such.  I found a good meal replacement Keto shake I could make for breakfast at my Airbnb. For the rest of each day, I ate healthily, even if my daily meal plan included a bit higher carb than usual for me. I did NOT use this time as an excuse to ‘cheat’ or to have a ‘holiday’ from giving my body the best fuel possible.  Any higher than normal carb items were all nutrition dense and not just empty calories. Those items were easily found, even in the catered meals we were served that did not cater to special diets. I ‘could’ have prepared lunches to take along with me but as I am disabled, I had to remember  I had a limited amount of energy resources.

I have learned to appreciate the beauty of a lovely decorated cake as an art form and I would rather LOOK at art than eat it.

What doesn’t work for ME

1. Eating too much bacon or any fatty food in one sitting is/was not good for my digestive system. (wah!!!)  Still true, but I no longer need Ox Bile.  I do recommend it to anyone who has had their gall bladder removed for at least 3 months into keto, however.  It will help with any digestive issues you might have due to the lack of a gall bladder.

I truly see Keto as my permanent lifestyle. It’s easy for me to maintain.

©2019 Katherine Walden

I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.

Keto Update 2019 – Two and Half years and Still Going.

2019 Update on my Keto Lifestyle

It’s way over two years now that I have embraced the Keto lifestyle and I’ve lost about 80 lbs. I still have about 20 lbs to go but as I disabled it takes a bit longer. I am now looking at Keto as a health benefit more than a weight loss plan. I will probably be eating this way for the rest of my life.

Any inflammatory pain is about zero, even though my knees are shot from falling so much over the decades due to my disability. As my disability (Charcot Marie Tooth) progresses, random neurological sharp stabbing pains are part of my life but that pain is greatly lessened due to this diet. I have been doing Keto long before it was the ‘in’ thing to do and I do shudder at the way some people do Keto. If you go back on this website, you’ll see I eat a lot of greens and other vegetables. It’s not all bacon and eggs, trust me. Oh, I now use cleaned radishes as a substitution for potatoes in stews. Once they are cooked, all bitterness disappears. I also use a LOT of cauliflower rice or pearls as they are sometimes called. Hash browns, mashed, etc.

 I developed a sensitivity to almonds, probably not keto related, and I am no longer am able to use almond flour but I am not a baker so it’s not a huge problem.

My blood pressure is low-normal for the first time in my adult life. I was never on high-blood pressure meds but I was creeping toward needing them before I started Keto.

I am happy to report I am able to go to just about any restaurant and find something Keto friendly or something I can adapt by taking the bread away. I look at cakes and such as things of beauty. I have zero desire to eat them but admire the artistry.

Things I have changed I go on:
Keto Coffee
I have switched to MCT oil over Coconut oil in my morning coffee. The difference was dramatic. I broke a stall in my weight loss with that switch but more importantly, my energy level shot up to the point that I had a hard time sleeping the first week! It is not that much more expensive than a quality coconut oil. I stay away from cheaper brands of Coconut oil even if they say ‘pure’.

I try to limit dairy outside of butter. I don’t do cream sauces that much anymore. I do use heavy whipping cream in my coffee on occasion and have cheese as an occasional treat. Dairy is always a suspect to me when I am in a weight stall.

Carb Ups
I had noticed my hair had been falling out a bit more than usual and searched for reasons why. Women who have been on keto for a long time do need an OCCASIONAL carb up as our hormones are different than men. I don’t go carb crazy, and only eat a healthy carb at the last meal of the day, once a week. And it’s a healthy carb. I reduce my fat for that meal. Sweet potato wedges, roasted in the oven by tossing in a bit of avocado oil and sea salt is my favourite go-to.

Staying away from:
Most low carb creamers etc from Walden Farms. Read the list of ingredients on most of their low-carb sauces and creamers. You might be a tad horrified at all the chemicals. You can find better alternatives online. Same goes for zero-carb syrup flavours. Read your labels.

Continuing to stay far away from Aspartame and any artificial sweeteners. If I slip up, I see a dramatic increase in cravings for sugar. As I don’t bake, Stevia is my go-to sweetener.

My advice and observations.

Stick with the program. I’ve seen too many friends who were doing keto for weight loss who have fallen off the wagon through allowing ‘occasional’ treats into their diets. “I’ll just eat what I want over the holidays, then I will get back to the program” “I am going away on a vacation, it’s too hard to do keto while away..” Come up with contingency plans before you go. I travel with Keto, it’s possible. It just takes thought. As you near your weight loss goal, if you are just doing keto for weight loss, carefully plan how to slowly add healthy carbs back into your diet. Remember food is meant to benefit our bodies, not destroy them.

Be honest with yourself. If you are consuming high-fat foods daily AND you are letting unhealthy, empty carbs in every few days, then you are eating a dangerous diet. If your clothes are getting tighter, and you are afraid to step on a scale, do a serious evaluation of your daily eating plan for a week. Record everything that goes in your mouth. Don’t beat yourself up but take the reality check to heart. Carbs aren’t evil but carbs with absolutely no nutritionally value are. If you are an emotional eater, you really have to be on top of your game. Step out of denial.

Anyhow, Keto on my friends!

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Joy-Fueled Keto-Friendly Chicken Broth (Two Methods)

Ever since I was a teen experimenting in my mother’s kitchen, I have loved making homemade soup. Any good cook knows the secret to a good soup lies in its stock. The more flavour you can pack into a chicken broth, the better your soup will be.

If you happen to live near an Asian Market, you are in luck, as they often have stewing hens. These tough old birds make the best stock, but any whole chicken will do. You can also make a pretty good tasting chicken broth from bones alone. Start collecting bones by placing them in an extra-large ziplock bag in your freezer until you have a good amount. If you skin chicken for some reason, add the skin to your bag of bones. Most ketoers prepare their chicken with skin on!

There is nothing wrong with using a higher quality bullion powder or cube when you are in a pinch. I do keep a carton of store-bought chicken broth on hand just in case I don’t have any stock in the fridge. But homemade is so much better, and it freezes well!

Go to the market and find an old hen and make your stock knowing that you know everything that is going into it. Organic is best but to be honest, on my limited income, that’s not a possibility. Old stewing hens are pretty cheap, and they have the most flavour. Simmering them for hours on the stove softens the meat!

Why add vinegar?
Apple Cider Vinegar softens the bones, allowing all the nutrients to be released.

Keto Friendly Chicken Broth – Stove Top Method:

Use the largest pot you own.
One large onion with the ends cut off. Leave whole. If you add the onion skin (washed well of course) your chicken broth will take on a lovely golden hue.
Three stalks celery, cleaned, whole
Two carrots, scrubbed, whole
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
One stewing hen or a large bag of chicken bones.

Old stewing hens make the best chicken brothCover with cold water
Bring to a rolling boil, then reduce heat to a low simmer.
Simmer for 12 hours – add water if necessary.
Add salt toward the end, if you add salt at the beginning, the salty flavour will disappear.

Make sure to drain the broth over a pot, so you don’t accidentally pour the stock down the drain. I did that once as a teenager!

Discard vegetables, bones, and skin. There will be a trace amount of carbs in your stock but nothing worth counting toward your macros.

Pick through the bones if you used a stewing chicken and save the chicken for chicken salad.

Store in airtight containers in the fridge. You can remove the excess fat the next day if you prefer. If you aren’t going to use the chicken broth within a week, freeze it!

Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Method

Follow the above steps, you can boil the water before adding it to your Instant pot to speed the process, but the broth won’t be as clear.
Make sure you don’t over-fill the pot! You might not get as much quantity as the stove top method, but you will have an intense broth!
Pressure cook on high for three hours.
Instant Pot users, you’ll have to reset the timer to add the extra time as the timer doesn’t go up to 3 hours on the pressure setting.
Quick-release, add salt to taste, stir well, then drain the chicken over a pot. Discard vegetables, skin, and bones. If you used a whole chicken, use the meat for chicken salads.

Store in airtight containers in the fridge. You can remove the excess fat the next day if you prefer. If you aren’t going to use the chicken broth within a week, freeze it!

©2017 Katherine Walden

I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.

Pulled Pork – Instant Pot – Low Carb, Keto Style

Instant Pot Pork Shoulder Pulled Pork Low Carb Keto Paleo

I love my new Instant Pot! I love it so much that I use it just about every day and it is usually sitting on my kitchen table. I live in a smaller space, and it’s just easier to meal prep on the table. I also love pork roast; when it is well prepared, it is fall-apart tender. Pulled pork is a favourite!

I bought a pork shoulder on sale a few weeks ago, and I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Trotting over to Google, I found a tonne of delicious pulled pork recipes, all of which were swimming in sugary carbs and served on a tasteless mound of empty carbs -sometimes known as a bun.

I knew there had to be a way to do this Keto style and this is what I came up with!

Recipe for Instant Pot Pulled Pork

(Slow Cooker Instructions at the very bottom of the page)

3-4 lb pork shoulder (pork butt)
1/4 cup olive oil
1.5 cup organic beef broth
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tsp chopped ginger or ginger paste
2 tbsp low-carb bbq dry rub or spice mix
salt, fresh cracked pepper

Rub the pork shoulder with all the spices mentioned above. Don’t be gentle. Rub those spices in!
Use a lot of salt and pepper.
Place in a ziplock bag or in a bowl covered with plastic wrap, let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two or overnight.

Turn Instant Pot on to Saute.
Once the Instant Pot says ‘HOT,’ add oil.
When the oil is hot (less than 30 seconds) add Pork Shoulder.

Brown every surface.
TIP: Be patient at this point, you are building valuable flavour. Turn the meat, and let it sizzle for 2-3 minutes without touching it. Then turn it again. Repeat until every side of the pork shoulder has hit the bottom of the pot.

Remove meat, remove some of the excess oil unless you are looking for a way to add more fat to your diet. If you decide to drain the oil by pouring it into a cup, use gloves or instant pot silicone mitts -the inner liner will be scalding.

Allow pot to return to ‘Hot’ Saute.

Add Broth
TIP: I always heat my broth before adding it to the pot. It shortens the time it takes the pot to go to full pressure.
Use a hard nylon spatula and scrape up all the brown bits up. These are flavour gold!
Make sure every bit of the marinade lands in the pot as well.
Return meat to Pot.

Put the lid on your Instant Pot and don’t forget to turn the valve to seal.
Set Manual – 95 minutes
Natural Release 10 minutes then Quick Release

Place pork on a platter, cover tightly with foil
Pour the juices into a bowl and set the bowl in your fridge. After the liquids are cold, remove the excess fat. There is more than enough fat in the pork, don’t worry you keto fans.

To shred: Use two forks, one holds the meat, the other tears it into shreds by pulling it. Hence the name, Pulled Pork.

Low Carb Ideas for Serving:
1. Smother in Walden Farms (no relation to me!) BBQ Sauce or any other Low-Carb BBQ sauce. If you aren’t lazy like me, make your own sauce, see the recipe at the bottom of the page. Serve in lettuce wraps.
2. Place Pulled Pork back into heated reserved juices, serve over steamed cabbage. I have a recipe for Instant Pot Steamed Cabbage on this site, just skip the corned beef in that recipe, obviously.


My Asian Spin.

Baby Bok Choy and Pulled Pork – Stove Top Method

4 cups liquid.
I use the juices reserved from the pulled pork, and add organic beef broth if necessary.
300g Pulled Pork
200 g Baby Bok Choy
1 tsp unsweetened soy sauce
1 tbsp fish sauce
Asian Hot Sauce of your choice – read the label for carb counts.

Bring broth to rolling boil, add the pork, bok choy, spices, and sauces.

Cover and allow to simmer for 5-8 minutes, occasionally stirring, until the bok choy is completely wilted.

Serve in bowls, serves 2

Kale is an excellent alternative if you can’t find Baby Bok Choy. If you do use Kale, remove centre vein and give the Kale a rough chop before adding it to the pot.

Most Asian Markets carry Baby Bok Choy; sometimes called Bok Choy Sprouts. It is low in carbs and high in fibre. I prefer it over Kale. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, K and is also a great source of Calcium.

Carb counts: As Garlic and Ginger are relatively high in carbs, take that into account. However, we aren’t using copious amounts of either in this recipe.
Kale has more carbs than Bok Choy.

BBQ Sauce – Low Carb

This recipe is adapted from the popular DIY recipes floating around in the 70s. My mother’s friend used a similar recipe for sloppy joes.

1 cup plain tomato sauce
2 Tbsp yellow mustard
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tsp Garlic Powder or 2 minced garlic cloves
1/2 small white onion, minced
1 Tsp Oregano
Hot Sauce of your choice, read labels well
Stevia to taste
If you want it smoky, add a tsp of liquid smoke.

Place everything except the stevia in a pot, simmer on the stove for about 30 minutes, stirring often. It will thicken. Add stevia toward the end, taste and adjust flavours. Cool, then place in an airtight container. This sauce should keep in the fridge for about a week.

20 net carbs in full recipe. However, you aren’t going to be eating 1 cup of this in one sitting!

Slow Cooker Instructions for Pulled Pork:
Sear meat in oil on stove top, making every side of the meat is seared.
Add to crockpot
Deglaze pan with broth, then pour the drippings, along with all the other ingredients over the pork. If you used a bowl to marinate the meat, make sure everything from that bowl lands in the crockpot.
Cook on high for one hour, lower the heat and cook for 7 additional hours. Check tenderness, let cook for one hour more if needed.

©2017 Katherine Walden

Poor Man’s Cabbage and Corned Beef – Instant Pot

Instant Pot Poor Man's Cabbage and Canned Corned Beef - Tender, satisfying and incredibly budget friendly. Keto, low-carb

I had a cabbage sitting on my counter for over a week, staring balefully at me every time I went into the kitchen. “Sure, buy me then don’t use me. Just let me sit here and wither up. Get my hopes up and then dump me!” I gave in, for heartless reasons only. I needed the counter space. I was tired of dealing with spoiled produce. I was also hungry, and I didn’t feel like thawing out meat. A thought dawned on me.

I remember my mother serving “Smoked Pork Hocks and Cabbage” when I was a very young child. We were on a tight budget; smoked pork hocks were not considered a luxury item back then. I remembered the smoky, fatty, sweet taste of that dish. Keto friendly if I left out the boiled potatoes. Bacon would add the smoky flavour and corned beef would provide the protein and fat. A marriage made in Keto heaven.

I was not disappointed. A delicious hearty broth, sweet and tender cabbage, smoky bacon, and not too mushy corned beef made for a satisfying, comforting supper on a cold Alberta evening.

Always heat an Instant Pot’s stainless steel pot first before adding oil. It stops the oil from sticking.
Use an electric can opener to open both ends of a canned corned beef can. Push the corned beef out by pressing against the smaller end of the can. Ditch the key!
Use corned beef brisket in place of canned corned beef if you have leftovers and a pocketbook with money in it.

Recipe: Poor Man’s Cabbage and Canned Corned Beef Stew

Serves 4


1 tbsp olive oil
5 slices bacon cut into thirds
1 head of cabbage, chopped into about 2″ chunks (850g)
1 can corned beef
Yes, I know it’s peasant food, but the brisket is out of my price range and canned works well in this recipe.
1 1/2 cup beef stock
Salt and pepper

Set Instant Pot to Saute.
When HOT flashes, add the oil, heat for 20 seconds
Add bacon and saute until just about crisp but not too crisp.
While the pot is still on Saute, add cabbage and stir so the awesome bacon grease is distributed.
Add stock while keeping the pot on saute
When you hear the sounds of bubbling on the bottom of the pot, add salt and a generous amount of cracked pepper
Layer thick slices of corned beef on top of the cabbage
Place lid on instant pot, make sure to turn value in the right direction, so it’s not venting
Set Manual (high pressure) for 4 minutes (don’t overcook!)
Use Quick Pressure Release

Serve immediately

450g serving (about 1/4 recipe) with broth – think of a stew
680 calories
carbs 9.6 net
Fat 42g
Protein 62.7g

©2017 Katherine Walden

I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.

Juicy Leftover Roast Beef and Onion Cheese Melt – Low Carb

Juicy Beef and Onion Cheese Melt = A great use of leftover roast

I don’t know what to call this spontaneous lunch dish! But I will call it exquisite. I was looking for a way to add more fat to a leftover roast I made a few days ago and thus began one of my famous experiments.

The key to this recipe is the reduction of the beef broth while allowing the leftover roast beef and onions to simmer in the reducing liquid. I used the broth I reserved from an Instant Pot Roast.

Juicy Beef and Onion Cheese Melt = A great use of leftover roast
Simmering leftover roast with a sliced onion in homemade beef broth restores the beef back to its awesome juiciness.

Tip 1: You won’t oversalt a broth you are going to reduce if you go easy on the salt before the reduction process starts. Add more salt once it is reduced. As the liquid reduces, the saltiness will become pronounced.

I was amazed how good this tasted; it reminded me of French Onion Soup. This dish is low-carb and gluten-free and a breeze to prepare. It took 20 minutes from start to finish!

Tip 2: Invest in a kitchen food scale. I am a convert! My scale makes my life so much easier.

Leftover Roast and Onion Cheese Melt Recipe

Preheat oven to 400F


110g (4 oz) shredded leftover roast beef
I used leftover pot roast
34g (1 oz) onion, sliced very thin in matchsticks
1/3 cup beef broth – I saved the broth from the pot roast
1 tbsp coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil
50g (2.2 oz) total grated mozzarella/cheddar cheese mix – Swiss and cheddar would be a great mix as well.


Heat oil in a cast-iron pan, add onion, saute until translucent
Add leftover roast beef, stir fry for a minute.
Then add broth, allow the broth to reduce until just about all of it is evaporated.
This technique allows the beef to remain tender and juicy.
Salt and Pepper to taste after the sauce reduces or the broth will be too salty.
Transfer to a small greased ovenproof dish

Top with grated cheese.

Place the ovenproof dish in a 400F preheated oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and melted.

Yields one substantial serving
Nutritional Values:
Calories 487
Protein 50g
Fat 30g
Net Carbs 4.7

©2017 Katherine Walden

I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.


Low Carb Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Joy Fueled Low Carb Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

It’s not uncommon for colds and viruses to make the rounds in my city during the first week of January. When you think about it, it makes sense. Lots of people crowding into airtight homes, celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve. A few days later, and WHAM! I fell victim to a flu-like virus for a few days and just didn’t feel like eating. While I knew I needed nourishment, I didn’t have the energy to cook and ordering out for pizza on a Keto Diet just wasn’t going to happen. My burning throat wanted something cold anyhow. A Protein Smoothie for supper was on my mind; straightforward, fast, and little clean up involved.

I rummaged around my pantry and freezer for something I could dump in my Blendtec, and I came up with a delicious Low Carb Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie. While this drink is relatively high in net carbs for a traditional Keto Diet, I wasn’t planning on eating anything else, and I made sure that I stayed well within the safety margin of my daily carb intake.

I prefer a grass-fed low-carb whey powder. If you can find one from New Zealand, the quality will blow you away. I find New Zealand whey blends well in any protein smoothie I make.

I honestly do not like the earthiness of powdered greens, but the chocolate and raspberries mask that taste!

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie


250g (about 1 cup) frozen Raspberries
1/4 cup Heavy Cream
325g (about 1.5 cups) Unsweetened and unflavoured Almond Milk
3 tbsp Low Carb Unflavoured Whey Powder ( I prefer grass-fed)
1.5 tbsp cocoa powder – unsweetened
1 square Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate – plain
One serving powdered greens of your choice. If the greens are flavoured, make sure there is no added sugar – berry flavoured would be quite nice!
Stevia to taste


Use a high-speed blender for this recipe. I love my Blendtec and have used it continuously for five years now. As long as I keep the jar out of the dishwasher, it serves me well.

Melt the square of chocolate in a small glass bowl in the microwave at 70% power. Check every 15 seconds; you don’t want to overprocess the chocolate. You just wanted it softened, so it blends better. If you don’t have any 85% dark chocolate around, just throw in another tbsp cocoa powder!

If the raspberries are in a frozen clump, separate them a bit before adding them to the blender. Place everything else in the blender, and blend on high for about 30 seconds. The results should be a thick milkshake consistency.

I wouldn’t recommend adding coconut oil to this recipe as the slight coconut flavour might be a bit off-putting with the raspberries. If you use MCT oil, add a tbsp and adjust the nutritional values below.

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie – Nutritional Value – Full Recipe
Yield 630g or 2.6 cups
620 Calories
14.4g Net Carbs
49.2 Protein
31.7 Fat

Replace heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk if you are vegan or non-dairy and adjust the nutritional values accordingly.

Note on Calorie Count

The calorie count for this protein smoothie might shock you but did you know that a Triple Thick Strawberry Shake from McDonald’s has a fraction of the nutritional value of my recipe? A Triple Thick Shake from McDonald’s comes in at a staggering 720 calories in less than 2 cups (448g) and contains 127g net carbs – mostly sugars. With only 18g protein and 14g fat in a McDonald’s shake, and an extensive list of additives, you can see why my protein smoothie is a much better option.

©2017 Katherine Walden

I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.

Simple Pan Fried Chicken Thighs – Keto Friendly

Simple Pan Fried Chicken Thighs - Low Carb Keto - It's all in the technique

This is a very simple recipe for pan-fried chicken thighs, but if you learn the following technique, you will always have great results. Don’t fuss with your protein when cooktop frying! Every time you flip protein in the pan or test it with a fork, you are allowing luscious juices to escape.

A technique for Pan Fried Chicken Thighs

Heat 2 tbsps of unrefined coconut oil in a cast-iron pan until the oil is hot but not smoking.
In the meanwhile, generously salt and season 2 chicken thighs, with skin on and bone-in.

Gently place the chicken thighs skin-side down in the pan. The oil should lightly sizzle at this point.
Place a splatter guard over the pan.

Lower the heat to the low side of medium

Do not move the chicken for 15 minutes!
Don’t be tempted to move the chicken. You want to develop a crust.
Shift the pan if you have an uneven cooking surface such as an old-style burner but don’t shift the chicken itself.

Gently turn the chicken thighs over at 15 minutes.
Ooooh in delight at the sight of awesome golden-brown crispy skin

Fry for another 10-15 minutes (without touching the chicken!) until juices come clear.
Remove the chicken thighs from the pan, drain on a paper towel
Serve with a huge side of buttered steamed broccoli

Nutritional Value
If the oil is hot enough, not much soaks into the chicken so weigh your chicken!
Weigh the chicken once it is cooked. Weigh the bones and subtract that weight from the previous weight. Calculate your macros based on ‘dark meat, boneless, skin on.’ You will have a more accurate weight.

Why Coconut oil? It has a higher smoke temperature – meaning you can safely fry things in it at a higher heat without the oil becoming toxic. It also does an amazing job at crisping chicken.
IF you are using a different type of protein, adjust frying times. Pork chops and steak will cook much faster. The important thing is, don’t play with the meat once it is in the pan!

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Lazy Pulled BBQ Chicken – Keto Style – Low Carb

I came up with this BBQ Chicken recipe when I needed to find a way to add fat to a bag of skinless, boneless chicken breasts I had bought before I went Keto. I now use mostly chicken thighs and legs with skin. If I do use chicken breasts, it’s usually in a recipe such as this.

I placed the contents of a big bag of Costco frozen seasoned chicken breasts in my slow cooker along with the following:
One onion cut in half. Unpeeled but washed well.
2 whole carrots, scrubbed, cut in half.
3 stalks celery, washed, left whole.
1/2 cup Organic chicken broth.

Cook in the slow cooker on high for 3 – 5 hours

Once the chicken breasts are cooked through, discarded the veggies.
Drain the broth into airtight container. Use within 2-3 days.
Once the chicken is cool enough to touch, shred it by using two forks.
Weigh 100g (3.5 oz) servings and place in zip-lock bags. Freeze until needed

Make sure to read the nutritional label on the frozen chicken breast bag – some frozen breasts have sugar added.

Now on to the Lazy BBQ Chicken Recipe!

1 heaping tsp Zero Carb BBQ dry spice mix
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper (Optional)
2 tbsp mayonnaise (not low-fat)
1 green onion (Scallion) chopped fine
3 tbsp low carb ketchup
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
A few drops of stevia or favourite sweetener
Salt/Pepper to taste
Hot sauce to taste – Hidden sugar alert! Read labels well!
100g Shredded chicken
45g (1.5 oz) Shredded Cheddar Cheese divided into two equal portions

Nutritional Values for full Keto Style Pulled BBQ Chicken recipe:
Calories 533
Protein 42g
Carb (Net) 6g
Fat 40g

Mix everything together, except for 1/2 the cheese.
The mixture should be moist and should hold together somewhat.
Add more mayo or a bit of softened cream cheese if need be to ensure it holds together.
Allow the flavours to blend by putting in the fridge for about 1/2 hour or so.
At that point, adjust the seasoning to your liking.

Preheat oven to 400F

Place silicone sheet on a baking sheet

Place the chicken mixture on the silicone sheet. Make a heaping mound, then flatten slightly but don’t spread it out too much. Top with remaining cheese. Bake about 15 – 20 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and the chicken mixture is warmed through.

Serve with large romaine lettuce leaves; the leaves can be used as wraps.

1 large serving (entree) or 2 appetizers/snacks

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I am no longer an Amazon affiliate – if you happen on across a link here, I won’t receive any commission if you click through.