Keto Update 2019 – Two and Half years and Still Going.

2019 Update on my Keto Lifestyle

It’s way over two years now that I have embraced the Keto lifestyle and I’ve lost about 80 lbs. I still have about 20 lbs to go but as I disabled it takes a bit longer. I am now looking at Keto as a health benefit more than a weight loss plan. I will probably be eating this way for the rest of my life.

Any inflammatory pain is about zero, even though my knees are shot from falling so much over the decades due to my disability. As my disability (Charcot Marie Tooth) progresses, random neurological sharp stabbing pains are part of my life but that pain is greatly lessened due to this diet. I have been doing Keto long before it was the ‘in’ thing to do and I do shudder at the way some people do Keto. If you go back on this website, you’ll see I eat a lot of greens and other vegetables. It’s not all bacon and eggs, trust me. Oh, I now use cleaned radishes as a substitution for potatoes in stews. Once they are cooked, all bitterness disappears. I also use a LOT of cauliflower rice or pearls as they are sometimes called. Hash browns, mashed, etc.

 I developed a sensitivity to almonds, probably not keto related, and I am no longer am able to use almond flour but I am not a baker so it’s not a huge problem.

My blood pressure is low-normal for the first time in my adult life. I was never on high-blood pressure meds but I was creeping toward needing them before I started Keto.

I am happy to report I am able to go to just about any restaurant and find something Keto friendly or something I can adapt by taking the bread away. I look at cakes and such as things of beauty. I have zero desire to eat them but admire the artistry.

Things I have changed I go on:
Keto Coffee
I have switched to MCT oil over Coconut oil in my morning coffee. The difference was dramatic. I broke a stall in my weight loss with that switch but more importantly, my energy level shot up to the point that I had a hard time sleeping the first week! It is not that much more expensive than a quality coconut oil. I stay away from cheaper brands of Coconut oil even if they say ‘pure’.

I try to limit dairy outside of butter. I don’t do cream sauces that much anymore. I do use heavy whipping cream in my coffee on occasion and have cheese as an occasional treat. Dairy is always a suspect to me when I am in a weight stall.

Carb Ups
I had noticed my hair had been falling out a bit more than usual and searched for reasons why. Women who have been on keto for a long time do need an OCCASIONAL carb up as our hormones are different than men. I don’t go carb crazy, and only eat a healthy carb at the last meal of the day, once a week. And it’s a healthy carb. I reduce my fat for that meal. Sweet potato wedges, roasted in the oven by tossing in a bit of avocado oil and sea salt is my favourite go-to.

Staying away from:
Most low carb creamers etc from Walden Farms. Read the list of ingredients on most of their low-carb sauces and creamers. You might be a tad horrified at all the chemicals. You can find better alternatives online. Same goes for zero-carb syrup flavours. Read your labels.

Continuing to stay far away from Aspartame and any artificial sweeteners. If I slip up, I see a dramatic increase in cravings for sugar. As I don’t bake, Stevia is my go-to sweetener.

My advice and observations.

Stick with the program. I’ve seen too many friends who were doing keto for weight loss who have fallen off the wagon through allowing ‘occasional’ treats into their diets. “I’ll just eat what I want over the holidays, then I will get back to the program” “I am going away on a vacation, it’s too hard to do keto while away..” Come up with contingency plans before you go. I travel with Keto, it’s possible. It just takes thought. As you near your weight loss goal, if you are just doing keto for weight loss, carefully plan how to slowly add healthy carbs back into your diet. Remember food is meant to benefit our bodies, not destroy them.

Be honest with yourself. If you are consuming high-fat foods daily AND you are letting unhealthy, empty carbs in every few days, then you are eating a dangerous diet. If your clothes are getting tighter, and you are afraid to step on a scale, do a serious evaluation of your daily eating plan for a week. Record everything that goes in your mouth. Don’t beat yourself up but take the reality check to heart. Carbs aren’t evil but carbs with absolutely no nutritionally value are. If you are an emotional eater, you really have to be on top of your game. Step out of denial.

Anyhow, Keto on my friends!

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