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Keto and Stress. Finding Healthy Ways to Bring Comfort

Face it, we all experience stress to some extent. We need to have a game plan on how to incorporate Keto into those times of stress so we can eat healthily and support our bodies.

There comes a time when you realise that Keto is not a ‘diet’ it’s a lifestyle. I am currently in an incredibly stressful season involving circumstances far beyond my control. This season will eventually pass, but as a result of the stress, I’ve gained two or three pounds. Those pounds are not a result of…

Can a Disabled Person Lose Weight with a Keto Diet?

Is it possible for a disabled person to lose weight and be more healthy by following a keto diet? This person living with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and Gastroparesis and who had gallbladder surgery believes so!

A little about me. I am a disabled person living with a neuromuscular disease called Charcot Marie Tooth DiseaseĀ (CMT). I have some of the rarer complications than many individuals who live with this genetic disease. I use a cane, walker, or power-chair depending on the weather conditions or activity I will be participating in. I…